Coromandel Weekend Trip

After the amazing South Island Trip, me and some friends decided spontaneously that we want to spend the following weekend in Coromandel ! So we directly booked the hostel and our rental car the day we came back from Christchurch! We started on last Saturday morning and headed directly in the direction of Whitianga, where … Read more

South Island Trip

  During the last two weeks I almost travelled through the whole South Island and it was absolutely amazing! On Friday the 21th of December my journey began by flying to Christchurch early in the morning. After I arrived there I firstly relaxed a bit after the exhausting flight and then my first spot were the famous … Read more

Germans vs. Kiwis


18,353 km separate my hometown Germany from New Zealand. Since three weeks I’m already able to enjoy the Kiwi Lifestyle and there are several differences that I already recognized between the Kiwi and German culture that I can’t wait to tell you about ! First of all New Zealand is extremely multicultural compared to Germany, … Read more