Bay of Islands / Cape Reinga

This weekend we went up north and had the most amazing trip ever!

As a result of the Auckland Anniversary Day on Monday, we were able to expand our weekend trip until that day.

So on Saturday morning, we all sat in the car super excited for the upcoming weekend! Our first destination was Paihia and in general the Bay of Islands… As we arrived there we decided to relax at the stunning beach in Paihia first, before we went kayaking through the different islands in front of Paihia! I shared a kayak with one of my friends and it was definitely a fun experience, even though it was quite challenging for my arms! After a 2-hour kayak tour with several stop-overs on different islands, we were all super exhausted and happy for the ability to shower! A shower session later we realized that we were all a bit sunburned because we spent the whole day outside in the sun! Even though we were all a bit disappointed by that we decided to head to the  Haruru Waterfalls near to Paihia before dinner! After a pasta dish, as usual, we enjoyed the evening on the beach and saw a stunning sunset! During the night it was bloody noisy in our hostel, for this reason we couldn’t sleep!

We still woke up extra early the next morning, because our next destination was the Cape Reinga and it is super crowded on a daily basis! So we decided to start early and it was definitely the best idea! As we arrived at the Cape we were nearly on our own and could enjoy the stunning view over the ocean, where the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean meet each other. The scenery at Cape Reinga was breathtaking and is one of my favourite places so far! After we spent over an hour at the cape, we headed to the famous Te Paki Sand Dunes and did sand surfing! Well I have to admit it looks easier than it’s actually is! After I did the surfing once I was completely covered in sand and not very happy about it ! Even though the actual sand surfing is fun, the steep walk up the sand dune with hot sand and the sand covering afterwards is no fun at all! Additionally, the sun was burning down on us and there was no opportunity for shade, so you really felt like if you would have been stuck in the desert! After the desert adventure, we did a lunch break and then we continued our way to the small town named Ahipara, where we stayed overnight! Our accommodation there was the best hostel I’ve ever been to! I wouldn’t even call it a hostel, because it was actually a couple, who rented some rooms of their private house for travelers! Our room was amazing and in general, the kitchen and the bathrooms were super tidy and decorated lovely! Additionally, they had a huge garden with an ocean view and we were able to relax in their hammocks for the rest of the day!

After a night with lovely nine hours of sleep, we continued our way in the direction of Auckland the next morning. But before we headed home we made a stop-over at the Waipoua Forest, where we were able to see the biggest Kauri tree in New Zealand the Tāne Mahuta ! The tree looked unreal and it confirmed the beauty of mother nature once again! After a two hour walk through the forest and thousands of pictures later, we made our way down to Auckland again! We arrived after five bloody hours of driving, as a result of the long weekend and an accident on the highway one!

The trip up to the northernmost point of New Zealand was one of my favourite trips so far and I’m already sad that the weekend is over!