Bye Bye New Zealand

After 6 months of traveling, living and working in New Zealand my time has come to an end here. For this reason I tried to make the most out of my last weekend and enjoy the last few days I have left in Auckland. On Friday night we had a Girls Night Out because a good friend of mine that I got to know here turned 25. We went to our favourite bar directly next to the St.Heliers Beach and after a few glasses of wine we continued our way to the city.

On the next day we slept in and literally spend the day in bed because we had pouring rain through out the whole day. But as my birthday present for her was a rugby game on that night, we got ready in the evening and made our way to the Eden Park Stadium! That night the Blues played against an Australian team and the stadium was super super busy. The majority of the audience in the stadium was definitely supporting the Blues as they’re obviously from New Zealand. I never saw a rugby game before for this reason I was more than excited… During the game I realized how violent rugby actually is but I still enjoyed the atmosphere in the stadium and the ambition of the players. After the Blues won with just 3 more points in lead, the whole stadium was celebrating our heroes.

On Sunday we were lucky with the weather and for this reason we decided to head to the KareKare Beach on the west coast. Even though it was quite windy we still spend almost the whole day on the beach and I was able to catch up the last sun-rays before I will head back to the rainy Germany again. After the beach we finished our day with a glass of wine while enjoying the stunning sunset. I’m more than grateful about my last weekend here that was filled with sun, laughter and good conversations.

All in all, leaving my hometown Hamburg for half a year and going to New Zealand was definitely one of the best decisions I made so far in my life. Even though the beginning here was challenging for me it just helped myself to develop one step towards adulthood. While traveling through almost whole New Zealand, working in a kiwi-owned company and living in a lovely host family I earned experiences that I will probably remember for a lifetime and I’m able to tell my kids about.
Now the university is waiting for me in Germany but I’m definitely planning on coming back to New Zealand one day when I finished my studies!
I want to thank everybody that made my time here in New Zealand one of the most memorable experience I made so far in my life.