Coromandel Weekend Trip

After the amazing South Island Trip, me and some friends decided spontaneously that we want to spend the following weekend in Coromandel ! So we directly booked the hostel and our rental car the day we came back from Christchurch! We started on last Saturday morning and headed directly in the direction of Whitianga, where our hostel was located ! We were very lucky with the weather, because we had a clear blue sky with no single cloud on this day! For this reason we decided to head first to the Paku Summit in Tairua, a small village located quite near to Whitianga. After a short hike, we reached the summit of the hill and had a stunning view over parts of Coromandel and the different island in front of it ! After that we went to the well-known Hot Water Beach, where we stayed for a while and relaxed in the sun ! Even though we weren’t able to dig a whole above one of the famous thermal hot springs, because we had high tide at that moment, we still enjoyed the beautiful beach with the turquoise water !

Our last stop for this day was than the Cathedral Cove Beach. As we arrived there, we already saw that the car park in front of the walking path to the beach was completely crowded! After we finally found a place to park our car, we headed to the walking path with thousands of other people and walked to the actual beach, which took us around 30 minutes! When we arrived at the Cathedral Cove and saw the completely crowded beach, we were all at first a bit disappointed ! The scenery of the beach with the cave that separates it was still amazing and also the sea in front of it convinced with his clear turquoise water ! But we weren’t really able to enjoy the moment, because we felt disturbed by the crowds of people! As a result we only stayed there for a short period of time and headed to our hostel afterwards! After we checked into our dorm, we went directly to the stunning beach in front of our hostel and had a nice swim in the ocean! Some hours of sun-bathing later, we made a quick stop at the supermarket to grab some dinner and than we made ourselves delicious pasta that we were able to eat in front of the beach!

On the next morning we woke up extra early, because our first stop was the New Chums Beach and we wanted to have a silent and empty beach! Before we accessed the beach after a short walk over stones, we climbed on a small hill directly next to the beach and had a stunning view over the complete empty beach! Even though the climb was quite challenging for me, because I’m scared of height, it was definitely worth it !! After I nearly stumbled during the way down the hill, we headed to the beach and enjoyed the silence while soaking up some sun-rays! After the first people also found their way to the beach, we went back to our car and decided to drive to Coromandel Town! There we enjoyed a coffee and made a lunch break, before we headed to the west coast and in the general direction of Auckland ! During our drive on the highway directly next to the coast, we made some quick stops in between before we drove back to Auckland City !

Now that I saw another beautiful part of the North Island I’m really looking forward to see the rest of it !