Germans vs. Kiwis

18,353 km separate my hometown Germany from New Zealand. Since three weeks I’m already able to enjoy the Kiwi Lifestyle and there are several differences that I already recognized between the Kiwi and German culture that I can’t wait to tell you about !

First of all New Zealand is extremely multicultural compared to Germany, you can find any nationality here especially in Auckland. From Indian to Korean people, from Latinos to Africans. All nationalities live together in one country and define the New Zealand Culture. In Germany we also do have a quite huge amount of foreign people, but the majority of the population is still German . The Multiculturalism in New Zealand defines the diversified character of the society especially related to the food culture, religious aspects and major values.

Another aspect are the general characteristics of the society, while in New Zealand the lifestyle is very relaxed and the majority of people are open-minded especially towards foreign people, you can characterize the Germans more as introvert and selfish ! Even though the German population is still friendly and polite also towards foreign people, I was surprised how easy it was for me to integrate in the Kiwi culture and to get in touch with people!

Additionally there are also several differences when it comes to the behavior concerning the environment. In Germany a huge amount of the population uses a bike beside the car. They use it for their way to work or to school, additionally it’s a general free time activity and passion for some. In New Zealand only a small percentage of the population even has a bike, the majority just uses the car for any distance. While in Germany the pollution is a current issue, the people in New Zealand do not really take care of their environment even though their nature is stunning and worth to keep !

Another aspect that I want to emphasize are the different fascinations for sports. While in New Zealand the most famous sport is definitely rugby with their world famous team ” All Blacks” , rugby isn’t famous in Germany at all ! The German society prefers soccer over all varieties of sports ! Especially since we won the world cup in 2014 for the 4th time, everyone in Germany is fascinated and passionate about soccer except me.

Now on to another very interesting topic…food! Well I have to say I didn’t have a clue about Kiwi food until I moved here… First of all they don’t have real bread here and I don’t know how this is even possible ! In Germany bread is one of the major food groceries and here in NZ the only thing available that can be related to bread is toast. They don’t have a real ” food culture” here as a result of all the different nationalities, so you are able to choose between a huge amount of Indian, Asian,American and Italian restaurants ! Here are even some German restaurants , but I hadn’t the opportunity to try them yet !

Additionally you can either pick between very healthy or unhealthy food, so there are fast food chains like KFC spread all over Auckland, but on the other hand also a lot of cafes/ restaurants that take care especially of organic food. In general they just have some dishes that can be titled as national food, this includes for example the famous Pavlova dessert or the classic Fish and Chips. Regarding Germany we have different kinds of national food, for example one very famous dish is potatoes with pickled cabbage or white sausages that are served with red cabbage.

All in all, I hope the major differences between the Kiwi and German culture got clear with the help of my post and you received an insight of the Kiwi lifestyle!

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