Goat Island Marine Reserve

After our last diving trip to the Goat Island was cancelled, we were more than happy that our trip was confirmed for the following weekend.

So we started our Sunday morning by heading north to the Goat Island! I was more than excited because I’ve never dived anywhere else apart from Germany. As we arrived there we firstly met our guide for the day her name was Holly and she began by giving us instructions. She taught us about all the different fish we were about to see, the history of the Goat Island Marine Reserve and some important safety instructions. After that we started putting on our wet suits and all the gear that is necessary for diving.

It took us a while to fit ourselves into the tight wet suit but it worked out. Now that we were ready for the dive we started to head to the marine reserve with the car because the actual Goat Island was a 5 minutes drive away from the diving school.
As we arrived there we had a short chat with our guide again and than it was time to go in to the water. When we reached a specific distance we started to dive by using the weights we had with us. We immediately saw all kind of fish from small to big ones, from striped to colorful ones…It was breathtaking to see all the fish swimming around you and I was absolutely amazed by that.
Even though we didn’t managed to see any stingrays or dolphins and I was a bit disappointed by that it was still an absolute unique experience. My highlight of the day was when a huge snapper suddenly appeared directly next to me!

After we dived for round about 1 and a half hours we started to feel cold even though we had long wet suits on that suppose to keep us warm, for this reason we headed slowly to the mainland again. Even though I do really enjoyed the dive the cold temperatures of the ocean made me feel uncomfortable after a while. As we came out of the water, we directly got rid of our wet suits and diving gear to relax at the beach for a bit longer and enjoy the sun of the beautiful day. When we didn’t feel cold anymore we started to head to the diving school again to give our diving gear back.

In the evening it was time to head home again because there was supposed to be heaps of traffic on our way back. As expected it took us nearly two hours to be back home again, even though it normally would only take us the half of the time. When we were finally home again I was more than happy about all the experiences I gained through out the day and swore myself that I will definitely do something like that more often!