Napier Art Deco Festival

This weekend me and 3 other friends were able to experience the Art Deco Festival in Napier! We started our journey on Friday evening first of all to Taupo, because the 5 hour drive directly to Napier would have been to long for the evening! As we arrived in Taupo we went straight to bed, because we were all completely exhausted after a long day of working and driving!

The next morning we woke up early to start our journey to Napier, but before that we visited the Lake Taupo and the Huka Falls once again. After another 2 hours of driving we finally arrived in beautiful Napier and we were directly welcomed by men that were dressed up in old fashion suits and women that wore spectacular dresses in any kind of color. Apart from that we saw all kind of vintage cars and even bicycles that were from the Art Deco epoch. The reason behind all that was the Art Deco Festival that takes places every year around mid February in Napier! It occurs in Napier, because the city is known for the Art Deco architecture and for this reason Napier is also named after the Art Deco Capital of the world. We spent almost the whole day outside in the crowd of people and enjoyed the atmosphere of the festival! We saw vintage car parades, live music and even dance presentations to different styles of music!

After we enjoyed the festival for a while, we headed to stunning nature reserve in the afternoon a bit outside of Napier before we checked in to our hostel and had a nice pizza diner.

After diner time we headed to the festival again and enjoyed some sweet treats from the several food trucks that were spread all over in the City and additionally we were able to enjoy the party that was going on there. All the dressed up people were dancing and celebrating the festival and even though we felt completely under dressed with our hiking clothes, we still enjoyed the atmosphere of the festival so much!! We don’t have festivals like that in Germany and for this reason it was even more exciting for us!

On the next morning we woke up early again because we still wanted to do some sight seeing in Napier apart from the 6 hour drive to Auckland… First of all we headed to the Bluff Hill Lookout that offered a wide view over Napier City, the port and the endless seeming Pacific Sea. After that our last stop for the day was a scenic reserve half an hour drive from Napier… We did a bit of hiking after all the food from the weekend and than we started our looong journey to Auckland again! It took us over 6 hours, because we were stuck in traffic as always in the greater Auckland area. Every second hour we changed the driver and the other ones were either able to sleep or just to relax!

All in all, another weekend where I earned unforgettable experiences went by… I directly liked Napier because I’ve never experienced such a open-minded and friendly atmosphere in a city before! Everyone was celebrating the Art Deco epoch together and they actually transformed Napier back in to the 19th century!