Surfing Weekend

After our diving trip to the Goat Island was cancelled spontaneously me and my friend decided to go surfing instead.Even though we both only surfed once on our South Island Trip, we still wanted to give it another try. We decided to go to the Bethells Beach on the west coast because we’ve never been there before and additionally we hoped that it wouldn’t be as crowded as Phia or Muriwai. We still weren’t confident enough to surf completely on our own, for this reason we booked ourselves in for a surf lesson at the local surf school.
We started our trip on Saturday early in the morning and for this reason we were able to soak up some sun before our surf lesson started. After we already spent some time in the water and realized how high the waves actually were, our surf lesson started. Our teacher was a nice and patient guy with a lot of experience that he was able to share with us. Even though I still struggled a bit with my surf board at the beginning,I improved after a while and had so much fun!! 1 hour later our surf lesson was over and we both were able to surf a bit independently after that, because we were allowed to keep the boards longer.
One more hour of practicing later we were more than happy about the successful surfing session, but also had sore legs from that! After the lesson we spent a couple more hours at the beach, just to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
In the evening after a whole day at the beach we headed home again and I nearly fell asleep during the drive because I was so exhausted.
As we arrived home after a two hours drive we went straight to bed!