Tauranga / Rotorua Weekend Trip

Another weekend , another destination… On Friday afternoon we started our journey to Tauranga, where we arrived after a loong ride through the crazy traffic of Auckland ! As we arrived in Tauranga we directly checked into the hostel and after that we only had a quick diner, because we were all exhausted and tired ! We ate our fish & chips directly in front of the port Tauranga and it immediately felt like home, because in my hometown Hamburg we also have a huge port ! After a quite silent night, we made our way up to the summit of the Mount Maunganui on the next morning! The 360 view on top of the mountain over the Bay of Plenty was absolutely stunning and for this reason the hike was well worth it !

After we enjoyed the view for a while and had a nice breakfast on the summit, we continued our way to theĀ Omanawa Falls! The waterfalls are located half an hour beyond Tauranga and normally the access for the population is forbidden, because the track towards the Falls is closed by the government ! Nevertheless we made our way to the Falls, because we were curious about them! As we arrived there, we met other people that directly warned us about the dangerous track that leads to the Falls ! When I saw the extreme steep track down to the Falls, I directly returned to the car, because I was too scared of the height! My two other friends did the track and were overwhelmed by the beauty of the Waterfalls, but they also said that the track was in some ways impossible to walk and they had to hold on trees otherwise they would have stumbled ! After that adventure we made a short lunch break and than we headed down to Rotorua, where we stayed overnight!

The first thing we did in Rotorua was showering, because we sweated so much as a result of all the hiking! After the refreshment we decided to walk through the famous Redwoods and we were able to enjoy NZ’s nature at it’s best once again! The Kuirau Park was than the last stop for the day , where we were able to see thermal activities and enjoyed a beautiful sunset! On the next morning we woke up early and headed directly to the thermal wonderland in Waiotapu, where we were could see the so-called Lady Knox Geyser and other incredible thermal activities! After that we also had the opportunity to see mud pools that were located directly next to the Thermal Wonderland! Because we were all tired after all these activities, we decided to head home slowly with some stops in between! Firstly we stopped at the Putaturu Blue Spring that was incredibly beautiful and after that we went to another spot, where we were allowed to take a swim in the Spring! I never saw such a clear and crystal blue water before in my life and I was overwhelmed by it ! The swim in the Spring was the perfect refreshment on such a hot day , even though you felt frozen after a while ! All of us were completely wet and with this condition we headed towards Auckland City, where we were stuck in traffic again for over an hour! Nevertheless we arrived after a while and were all glad about the experiences that we made during the weekend!