Tongariro Alpine Crossing Weekend

I’m currently sitting in the office and still try to figure out, what I experienced last weekend… The Tongariro National Park is located quite close to the Lake Taupo and is especially known for the Alpine Crossing that you are able to do there ! The Crossing is 19.4 km long and known for the challenging hiking routes ! Even though I’m not the biggest fan of hiking, it was one of the first things on my to-do list here in New Zealand and it was totally worth it ! 

On Saturday our weekend trip started by driving around four hours to the Huka Falls…The Falls were stunning and their emphasized the beauty of mother nature especially in New Zealand ! After that we made a short stop at our hostel to leave our luggage there and relax a bit after the exhausting ride. In the afternoon we walked down to the Lake Taupo and spent our day in front of the lake with delicious drinks and snacks ! Even though the location of our hostel was perfect, the health standards and especially the consideration of the other hostel guests was not good at all … As a result I slept less than three hours during the night, because of partying people with loud voices and a shared room with 15 other people! 

Than Sunday came and it was time for the big hike, even though we all had a sleepless night ! We went to the Tongariro National Park at around 7 am and the sun was already burning down on us ! We directly started hiking and the first track was just light walking, for this reason we were all quite happy and motivated in the beginning… But than the worst part of the hike began, the so-called Devil’s Staircase that includes an one hour walk over steep stairs with no resting points. It was very challenging for all of us, but we did it with a small time delay. After that there was a short period of just light walking , but then another difficult hiking track began and at this time there were no stairs but just loose stones we had to pass ! It was even more challenging than the Devil’s Staircase and we were really fighting against our sore and exhausted legs ! But we also reached the top of the hill and than made a small lunch break to just earn energy for the 4 hours walk that were still left…. The paths that followed were more easy to pass and we were able to enjoy the incredible view on the top of the mountain… When we reached the last section we were all quite glad, even though the landscape was still stunning ! It lasted like hundreds hours until we finally reached the ending and were able to hop on the Shuttle Bus that brought us to our actual bus ! 

All in all the weekend trip especially to the Tongariro National Park was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget! Even though the hiking was sometimes very challenging and the paths difficult to pass , we made it and can be proud of ourselves ! I really recommend everybody who has the opportunity to travel to New Zealand , to visit the National Park and do the Crossing, because the effort is definitely worth the view ! 

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