Whangarei Weekend Trip

And another amazing weekend has passed…. On Friday afternoon me and 4 other friends went to the city to pick up our hired car from Jucy ! After that we directly headed North to Whangarei , where we stayed overnight in a beautiful hostel with other kind people from all over the world.  We had a very nice evening filled with delicious self-cooked pasta and interesting conversations ! The only disadvantage was that we went to sleep late and for this reason we started the next day with only 3 hours of sleep… We had a full plan on this day and for this reason we had to wake up early !
The first thing on the to-do list were the Abbey Caves that are located quit near to our hostel ! There were three different caves and all of them were absolutely amazing ! Especially the so-called “Middle Cave” was worth the dangerous hike, because of some glow worms inside the cave! After the caves we directly headed to a stunning lookout point, where we received an beautiful overview of the whole city Whangarei ! After a short lunch break, our next destination were the famous Whangarei Falls that completely confirmed the beauty of New Zealand’s nature once again ! A short photo shooting later we went on to my personal highlight on that day ! The Whangarei Heads that are located in the last corner of Whangarei and for this reason are named after the Head of Whangarei. I only expected another beautiful beach, but the wide view that the Heads offered made me breathless ! We were completely on our own in between huge rocks and tons of white sand ! We hiked on the top of one rock there and enjoyed the stunning view for a while. But after some time we realized how hungry and tired we were and for this reason we headed to our beautiful hostel and made a short quick-stop at the supermarket to pick up some groceries ! We had a really nice barbecue at our hostel and after that we went straight to bed, because we were all exhausted and in need of sleep! 

On the next day the sun-rays woke us and we were all keen for another beautiful day in New Zealand ! After a breakfast that especially contained out of toast and kiwis , we headed to the first thing on our to-do list that were the Mermaid Pools ! The pools are located at the Matapouri Bay quite near to Whangarei! Even though the Mermaid Pools were stunning , the hiking path to them was very dangerous and slippery ! The majority of the hike you had to climb over steep ground that was only possible with the help of a rope !  I was really scared, because I only had jandals on and no proper hiking shoes ! As a result the hike was not worth the visit of the pools in my opinion, because the huge effort didn’t match the uniqueness of the pools ! For this reason we relaxed a little on the beach at Matapouri Bay after the dangerous and exhausting hike ! Because we all forgot our sunscreen, we hadn’t the opportunity to stay for longer period of time, regarding the danger of sunburn. So we went on to our next destination, the Waipu Caves that were literally located in the middle of now where ! I was already fascinated by the Abby Caves, but when I saw the thousands glow worms on the ceiling of the cave I was even more impressed that something like this can even be real ! Even though the cave was really muddy and in the end we were all completely covered in mud , we were happy and glad to have the opportunity to see such an spectacle of nature ! Because the day slowly came to an end and we had to bring back our hired car on time, we headed directly to our last destination the Mangawhai Heads ! They were stunning and definitely worth the visit, but in my opinion not comparable with the beauty of the Whangarei Heads ! At around 8 pm we started to drive home and made a quick stop at Mc Donald’s to fill our empty tummies ! When we arrived in Auckland we were all happy and sad at the same time! On the one hand we were quite glad that we made it safely to Auckland after several off road and extremely curvy streets, but on the other hand we were sad that the beautiful weekend trip was already over ! 

All in all ,the weekend trip to the North was amazing and I’m glad to have seen another part of beautiful New Zealand ! Next weekend I will head South by flying to Christchurch !