Living on the other side of the world

I already left my hometown Hamburg 3 and a half months ago and started a new life in Saint Johns, Auckland ! Now a lot of you are probably wondering how it’s like to live on the other side of the world for a certain time! I have to admit the beginning for me was really hard here! I suffered from homesickness and a culture shock, for this reason I felt uncomfortable and not happy at all! Even though my host family was super kind and welcomed me with open arms, I needed some time to get used to the situation being separated from my family and friends! After I met the first people in the language school, where I’ve been the first two weeks, I immediately felt better, because I was able to speak to people that were in the same situation as me ! After a while everything developed in something positive and I already felt a bit more integrated in the Kiwi culture! I found some good friends and the relationship to my host family became tighter!

Then I started my internship at the Produce Company and from there on I was able to work in a company in a foreign country, what was more than exciting for me! I learned how to work with different computer programs and I got used to the Kiwi working lifestyle! My colleagues were all open-minded and super friendly, for this reason I could easily integrate into the company and it already feels like I would be a part of it. Now that I’m more than 2 months in the company, I already developed a good relationship with some of my colleagues and I’m able to work independently the majority of time! Even though I still suffer from homesickness on some days, I do really enjoy my time here and already made experiences that I will remember for a lifetime! I more than grateful that I have the opportunity to explore New Zealand and I already recognized that I went through a personal development! I became more self-confident and made a step towards adulthood!

All in all, I would definitely recommend everybody to stay in a foreign country for a certain time, because it will help you to develop your character traits and become more independent. Even though the expectations of a year abroad doesn’t often match the reality, it will still be one of your most memorable experiences in life.